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MineCraft: Adventures in Space Custom Map 10/19/2011

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If you’re a fan of the hit Indie game MineCraft, chances are you follow Captain Sparklez on YouTube.  Recently, he teamed up with The Voxel Box to make an awesome custom adventure map called Deep Space Turtle Chase.  Having finished playing part 1 of the map last night, I definitely have some raves, but also some gripes.

Deep Space Turtle Space world

The revised version, 1.2, offers hint boxes that the original version did not.  This comes as a blessing because I know many people, including me, were stuck in various places and lost direction.  This along with some frustrating parkour was enough for me to rage quit the first time.  For example, there are some parkour bits in the B.E.D. room where you have to run and jump over a one or two block area.  This can get really tricky especially if the run key is double tapping the “W” key.  Notch, the creator of the game, needs to rebind that to the “ctrl” key!  I fell in the B.E.D. room and took at least 25 tries trying to get back up.

There were a couple times when the hints offered no help and I had no idea where to go next.  My advice to you if you’re in that predicament is to try to see what’s different on the map, like a door opening or something popping up from the ground.  Also, have a paper and pen handy to write down some of the passcodes you will need.

One big flaw in the map was after the piston jumping puzzle.  I don’t remember a B.E.D. unit after that part to reset your spawn, so if you die, you will end up before the piston jumping puzzle – which is quite hard – and you will nearly punch your computer to death if you find yourself back at the start, having to do the piston jumping puzzle all over again.  Luckily, I cheated a bit (*cowers in the dark*) and took a couple beds along with me to reset my spawn while doing the piston jumping puzzle.

But other than the frustrating parkour, the map is epic in it’s landscapes and architectural design.  The custom texture pack was beautifully done, even if it was 16×16, rather than a more popular HD 32×32 or 64×64 size.  Even if you play the vanilla version of the map, you will be awed and sort of mind boggled by bright green lava and pink water.  The buildings are also richly detailed and every room is filled with furniture, even rooms that you can’t walk into.  I found myself peeking into every door just to look at the clever decor.

The highlight for me came in the end.  This is a spoiler so don’t read this paragraph any further!  I didn’t notice it at first when I wrote the 12-digit code down for the portal, but it turned out to be the jump coordinates to Earth in the show Battlestar Galactica.  Being a huge BSG fan, I was so happy!   While playing the vanilla version, I punched in the code and noticed halfway through that the tune sounded very familiar.  Then I was like, “Oh wait, is this the Cylon song?  Aw, hell yeah!” and I grinned while reminiscing about one of my top favorite shows of all time.  Whoever came up with that idea, I salute you, sir!

The map ended with very nifty credits and I was left feeling satisfied and suddenly forgot about my earlier rages.  I also want to brag about completing the maze puzzle without cheating.  That was quite rewarding for me.   I can’t wait until Part 2 comes out.  Happy space adventures in MineCraft! What are you waiting for?  Download it and enjoy!  Or rage quit? 😀

It moves its mouth and eyes and talks to you.

If you would like to play this map, you will need to own the game, MineCraft, which you can purchase here.   The Deep Space Turtle Chase map is completely free to download, courtesy of the awesome Voxel Box and Captain Sparklez.

If you wish to play the unmodded version (the vanilla) it’s easy to install.  First, click on your windows button and type in “%appdata%” in the search bar.  Select your “roaming” folder.  In it you will find the “.minecraft” folder.  Then, paste the DSTC map folder into the “saves” folder.  DO NOT unzip the DSTC texture pack.  Just place the unzipped file into the “texturepacks” folder in your “.minecraft” folder.  Launch MineCraft and be sure to select said texture pack before loading up the map.


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